Protecting Your Home


                                                                               Pest Control Questions

Will the spray leave a film or residue ? No all products I use are safe and leave no film or residue.

Can your products be used around children and pets ? The products I use are the safest on the market. Depending on what type of treatment, we usually recommend for children and pets to leave to be on the safe side !

How long do I have to be out of the house before I return ?  Initial treatments  for roaches, fleas and bedbugs, we recommend you stay out of the house for four hours. For Monthly and Quarterly services, the chemical is dry in thirty minutes and has no odor. Avoiding contact with the chemical until it dries is the only precaution.

What if I have a problem after the initial treatment ? I charge a small re-spray charge within 60 days.

Does your company service businesses ? Yes One Shot Pest Control services both residential and commercial properties.

Does your company require me to sign a contract ? I do not make you sign a contract but we do offer a one-time initial treatment or Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly and Bi-yearly treatments Plans.